ELITE Daily Training Environment



In the pursuit of success at the highest level of triathlon, we have developed a daily training environment (DTE) for elite athletes to work consistently in an environment focused on excellence of process. Athletes live in close proximity to each other and our training venues year-round. We are comprised of both male and female, ITU and Ironman oriented athletes. Above all, we are comprised of athletes, coaches, and support staff that are fully committed to building a positive, supportive, and process-oriented culture.




Our squad's trains at several locations throughout the year. Our primary location is in New Hampshire. During the winter we travel to a warm weather location. This winter we will be training in both Clermont, Florida and Richmond, VA. All our locations offer athletes a wealth of state of the art training facilities and training locations. 

professional network


Another noteworthy element of our primary location in New England is that we are surrounded by the absolute best health and medical care specialists in the world. Our team has partnered with some of the top specialists to give our athletes yet another edge in competition. Athletes will have access to a Sports Medicine Physician, multiple physical therapists, a registered dietitian, a sports psychologist, and a bike fit specialist. 

Daily Training Environment


Training with our group means near year round training, and daily training sessions with the team. We average between 1-2 coached sessions a day as a group, and the remainder of your sessions are either done solo or with a other members of the team. During the race season the team often travels together to races with the coach, and other times just with other teammates. Our athletes live together in several different apartments, but all within close proximity to one another. 

What we are looking for


  1. An all-in attitude, being able to make the necessary sacrifices to become a world-class athlete. An understanding that triathlon success takes time, and will take several years of commitment. 

  2. Confidence in your abilities and the work you will be doing

  3. Belief in the benefits of a group environment, and the ability to work in a group

  4. The ability to find enjoyment in the process

  5. Positive attitudes - Athletes that can take negative experiences, negative interactions, and turn them into positives



Can I still be coached even if I do not want to join the DTE?

Yes, please apply if you are interested in remote coaching and mention that in the application.


Do I need to be an ITU/Draft-Legal athlete?

No, this squad will be comprised of both ITU and long-course athletes. We will be sure to accept athletes as to build an environment that makes everyone better.


Do I need to be a professional?

No, but you do need to have world-class aspirations and talent to back it up. Take the chance and apply. At worst I will do my best to help you get in the right direction.


Do I need to be an American athlete?

No, we will be accepting international athletes. In fact, we will be looking for international athletes.


I'm a former or current collegiate swimmer/runner, can I apply?

Yes, if you believe you have world-class potential then we want to hear from you. We will take on some single sport athletes if they have the right potential. We will also work with current collegiate students.


I want to see who else is joining the team before I commit, is that okay?

No. Ask yourself why you are joining the squad. Is it for the accomplishments of other athletes? Our squad is run with equal attention given to every athlete. You will not play second fiddle here. All of our athletes will have high aspirations like yourself, the culture and environment will drive your performance.


How much personal attention will I get?

The number one complaint I hear from athletes is that their coach did not pay attention to them. In my short life as an athlete I had the same experience. You can talk to any of our athletes and they will answer this for you.

What is it that you are most looking for in athletes?

Full commitment. In the past we have been more flexible with jobs, locations, etc. and that led us to sign athletes that are looking for flexibility. We are looking for athletes that are able to entirely commit themselves to triathlon with a long term focus. 

Interested in joining?


If you are interested in being a part of the full-time environment, please fill out the application below and our coach will be in touch shortly. ​